You’re engaged! When should you start planning your wedding?

Hello everyone! Here for another blog post! One of the biggest question I receive is when to start planning your wedding so I thought why not write a blog with all the details and advice on how to help and answer when is the best time to start!

Planning a wedding shouldn’t feel like a chore so when you get engaged you shouldn’t go straight into planning. Take time time to enjoy your engagement and discuss your initial ideas and the story you want to tell on your day before going into full planning mode.


The best thing to do would be to wait 1-3 months before starting your planning journey full steam ahead. During this time you can solidify the ideas, your prioritise, research suppliers you would like to have for your wedding, set a budget and think of some potential venue ideas.


Whilst having the 1-3 month relax time, go over your prioritise, start thinking about your budget and the overall journey you want for your wedding. Too many brides decide the story and the ideas that they want for their wedding which is a good thing but then you need to also discuss your budget first so that you have realistic goals in place. Once you’ve determine your budget and the story you wish to tell about your journey the next best thing to do would be to research the venues that fit within both of those aspects and lock a date in place. Always pick a date, even if you are flexible as long as you have some small indication for what month you would like your wedding in, this will make it easier to see your options for your venue then later on your suppliers.


All to often some brides focus on the smaller details in terms of chair tie backs, tablecloth colours etc. However, the best thing would be to book your caterer, venue and photographer early. When you start planning more in detail you will know the main suppliers have been locked in place for your wedding and you can now start asking them for the more intricate details and fit this in with the other suppliers you book.

The utmost thing to remember is to take your time and really think about the date that that you set for yourself so that you do not rush any decisions and take time planning your special day.

Sommy x