M.Fiore Presents | The Story of… Nala & Knot


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

For the next guests in my series, M.Fiore Presents, we have the fab Nala & Knot! I had the pleasure of working with them for our styled shoot and also have the fab Natalie doing my make up for my own wedding!

I am already obsessed with their hair and make up styles, as they make all their clients look glowy, beautiful and quite editorial.

Laura and Natalie are friends who came into business together and create hair and make up looks that enhances their clients natural beauty.

Welcome to the blog Laura and Natalie and let’s here about the story of Nala & Knot!

Any thoughts on a look you would love to create for your Movie wedding?

This is a tough one as we love so many styles! However we both love the Hollywood waves and red carpet makeup. It’s a total movie and epic timeless look!

Why did you decide to start a business together?

We both were doing hair and makeup individually for weddings and when we met, we instantly connected and become besties! We both loved each other’s energy and work as well as feeling really aligned in being ambitious and loving weddings and editorial work! So we thought – let’s do this together and we’ve never looked back! We feel so lucky we get to do what we love with each other.

Do you have a fave editorial or wedding look you would love to create?

This is a tough one because there are so many gorgeous looks that we love. For us, we love to work with the client/bride to see what their vision is and then bring that to life by focusing on enhancing on the model/brides features. We also love the glowy bronze gorgeous enhanced skin, red lips and the Australian makeup glow look is so beautiful!

What is your favourite part of creating looks that gives you a buzz during the wedding day?

For us, it’s definitely about seeing the confidence in our brides once we have created their wedding look! Our motto is about making our brides not only look but feel like the best version of themselves!

Where do you look for inspiration for new make up and hair style ideas?

We love the Australia/California glow vibe that’s a big trend at the moment. Charlotte Tilbury makeup looks are beautiful and we absolutely love Nikki Wolff, James Molloy, Janise Chan, Katie Jane Hughes and Jamie Genevieve. Doing a lot of bridal campaign shoots is a fabulous way for us to get creative and to be able to bring the on set looks to the wedding day.

What advice would you give to brides when they are trying to find their look for their wedding?

We say don’t always look for a look necessarily, have some makeup looks that you love but let’s focus on enhancing you and tailoring makeup to what you love. On your wedding day you need to be the best version of yourself and our aim is to make sure all our brides feel like themselves – but on their best day.

Can you describe what you think it is that connects you to brides when they are are looking for a hair and make up artist?

For us, we want our brides to feel like we will hold space for them, be caring and be their friend, not just on their wedding day but throughout the entire wedding process. We have so many brides who have become friends and we treat every bride with the love and respect they deserve. We go on the journey with them and we pride ourselves with our customer care and responsiveness. Doing the hair and makeup is a huge part of what we we are as a business but we also feel we are wedding specialists in going on that bridal journey with our brides and bringing the happy, calm and positivity from enquiry to the wedding day.

Any advise on what prep brides should do for their skin and hair before their special day?

Water water water! We can’t recommend it enough – you see the difference in the skin when the bride ups their water from their trial to the wedding day. Hair masks once a week are amazing and also a hydrating mask in the bath are the perfect pamper treat!

Do you have a favourite wedding Movie or rom-com?

We love My best Friends wedding, Father of the Bride and Bridesmaids!

Thank you girls for sharing your behind the scenes and your story! Go check them out here.

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you all have a great week.

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