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I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas or some nice time off! I thought it would be amazing to bring another great supplier to this blog to round off the year! Today we have Annie Poe Photography who I had the pleasure of working with this year. Her photography is fun and vibrant and so is her work ethic! We had so much fun on our shoot earlier this year and I want you all to meet her and know more about her story. So here we have it, M.Fiore Presents, the story of Annie Poe Photography! Over to you Annie!


Any thoughts on a Movie wedding you would love to photograph?

My dream type of wedding would probably have to be a warm destination wedding in perhaps Mexico or in a Central American Country. Somewhere warm that incorporates elements of vibrant culture and an amazing colourful experience for all!

Is there a moment, when you knew you wanted to be a photographer?

I started photography for myself to be honest. In my early/mid twenties I did a lot of travelling. The reason I invested in my first proper camera was so that I could document my trips and life’s moments! I mainly wanted the camera for video actually. There were so many landscapes and first experiences I had that I wanted to capture.

What is the best moment you have had as a photographer?

I had a pre-wedding shoot with an amazing couple who I will be shooting their wedding in 2022. The couple were so fun and I honestly felt like I was capturing friends that I’d known for a long time! When I delivered the photos, the bride-to-be sent me a message after saying how she normally doesn’t like photos of herself and on the day of the shoot she didn’t initially feel that confident. She looked through the photos and absolutely loved that I captured the essence of her and her partner. She went on to say that she couldn’t stop smiling looking at them and the photos made her want to cry because she loved them so much. This is absolutely the best feeling as a photographer when your clients truly enjoy their experience and treasure the moments captured.

How would you describe your style and creative process?

I like to bring a relaxed energy to my weddings and photo sessions with couples so that we get natural looking beautiful portraits. I would describe my work as vibrant and rich in colour! My work is definitely romantic and I always want my images to be intimate, joyful and genuine!

What advice would you give to couples when they are trying to find their photographer for their wedding?

Other than your partner and the wedding party, the photographer is someone who spends most of your wedding day with you. For most weddings, they are present from your morning preparation right through to your evening reception. So it’s important that you connect with them and feel comfortable. Make sure you go through their portfolio and absolutely love everything about their work! Remember that the photos are what last you a lifetime alongside your marriage!

I know I can get nervous in front of the camera! What advise would you give couples who might be nervous about their wedding photos?

This is something I’m very conscious of with my couples and it’s my priority to make them feel comfortable so we get beautiful natural looking images. Let your photographer know if you feel nervous as there’s lots of things we have experience in to help you whether that’s shooting in a quieter/private location or at a time of day where there won’t be lots of onlookers. I’d also recommend having a pre-wedding shoot ahead of your wedding day. This is a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and also get to know your photographer. Dress in what makes you feel good and look comfortable on the day. A lot of us naturally have underlying insecurities about ourselves but the most important thing when you look at your images is that your relationship has been captured authentically and you have memories to treasure.


Your photos are so dynamic! Where do you look for inspiration for your work?

I’m a big lover of visiting art galleries, exhibitions and museums. One of my favourites is the National Portrait Gallery in London. This is a wonderful place to get inspiration for some of the world’s greatest portraits! I’m also super inspired by the outdoors and scenery of wherever I am. If it’s spring time then I love to incorporate the spring flowers as a backdrop to my images. If I’m located in an older building with period features then I will definitely take advantage of that and use that to tell a story with images! I love photos that give context to a location, season or anything of significance to the story.

What is your favourite part of the wedding day?

I absolutely love the speeches! This is the moment of the day where you get to hear intimate stories and feelings about the couple. By this point you would have gotten to know the couple pretty well, but the speeches reveal an added layer that you may not have been exposed to which is beautiful! It’s the time when a lot of raw emotions from the couple and their guests are shown.

What personal touch do you think is important to including in a couples wedding photos?

I always ask the couples to let me know if there are any special moments of significance that they would like me to capture. This could be a special keepsake, a moment of cultural significance or an important moment with family. That way I know I can prioritise images of this.

Do you have a favourite wedding Movie or rom-com?

I love comedies and so ‘Bridesmaids’ is one of my favourite wedding movies for laughs. One of the first wedding movies I remember watching is ‘The Wood’ which is an absolute black movie classic!

Thanks so much for sharing your story Annie! If you want to find out more about Annie and her photography you can view more here.

This year has truly been amazing, learning so much from different suppliers and creating new events for my couples and clients! I’m wishing you all well and see you in 2022 for more adventure!

Sommy x