Weddings I would love to create – Bucket List

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a well deserved time off or a few relaxing days for Christmas and new year!

As you all may know, this new year headed in the wrong direction with the lockdown that I’m sure we all expected was going to happen. However, we know how this works! Therefore, we can navigate this better and we are prepared for a few unexpected things to happen and most of all we can help each other get through this and keep our heads high.

To distract your minds for a bit, here is my long over due wedding bucket list. Of course, I would love to create all types of weddings but here is a few mood boards of the weddings that make me go wow or get a little emotion whilst looking at the pictures of the romantic element of the weddings. Why don’t you take a peak and maybe it will inspire you for your wedding!

Over the top Fairy-tale wedding:


Beautifully, romantic Italian wedding:


Elopement wedding:


Creative, playful wedding:


Luxury, Hawaiian resort wedding:


There you have it! A little insight on some weddings I would love to create that are on my bucket list. I do hope I will be able to tick these off in the future!

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If you think any of the ideas are something that you want for your event, send me a hello and we can work together to create the movie wedding for you!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Sommy x