Advice on how to plan a wedding during a pandemic

Hi all,

I hope you are well and keeping yourselves busy during lockdown; whether that is learning something new or having loads of Netflix days, I am definitely doing the mixture of the two!

For the blog today, I wanted to share some advice that can help you to plan a wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please remember, that there is no exact way to plan during a pandemic and there is a lot of uncertainty but I hope this advice helps you navigate your planning journey and inspire you if you have to alter your plans.

1) Don’t hide- I know it is worrying and during this time it feels like you can’t move forward to plan or book suppliers for your special day. My advice is to book your venue and a small selection of suppliers that you love. Discuss with them how you’re feeling, and if something were to happen, know that you will be able to push the date back. You don’t want it to be the case that when things are able to move along, your favourite suppliers or venue are already booked up. Also, you can start creating your playlist, create a table plan, coordinate the food and drinks menu or think about what favours you might want or plan your photography list. This way, you’re still enjoying the planning process of the wedding whilst still moving at a slower pace that you are comfortable with.

2) Plan for plan B- True, we do not know what might happen but we can always be prepared now that we have seen and experienced what happened last year. We all now have to be flexible. Have you thought about a sequel wedding? This is an idea that you and your partner can have a ceremony at a registrar and witnesses or perhaps a elopement wedding. Then, when you are more comfortable to plan a bigger occasion you can have a second wedding or in this case a sequel wedding. Book a celebrant and have all your family and friends to watch and share your special day and party afterwards. This way you get the best of both worlds and feel fulfilled in every aspect!

3) Think about your date- You don’t want to be rushed or have any stress that your wedding is approaching but are not able to have the day like you have planned. It will be best to think about a date in late 2021 or even 2022/2023. This way you can still have a relaxed and enjoyable planning experience.

4) Triple check wedding insurance and contracts with suppliers- READ THE SMALL PRINT! This is the time to read the small print if you haven’t before. Try and get wedding insurance, though it will not cover you with anything to do with the pandemic, it will cover you if you have to cancel a supplier if the supplier’s contract states that they are not able to transfer to a new date and may cover the deposit you made. Each supplier should move the date if the cause was the pandemic but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

5) Consider hiring a planner- A planner can help you navigate the twists and turns through your wedding planning journey but also will be your friend to share advice, research, support you, communicate with your suppliers and bounce ideas around if you do need to change anything. In wedding planning, you will often receive a lot of outside opinions and even more during this time and a planner can help you navigate through those opinions to find your voice as a couple and what you want to do for your day. Make sure to research a type of planner you would like and book a informal chat to see if you all share the same vibe.

6) Remember your wedding is about YOU- Remember the reason why you are getting married and always have this at the forefront of your mind. We as the suppliers and your friends and family want to see the best for you and want to celebrate you. So whatever you decided, make sure the decision makes you happy.

Overall, we all have to be more flexible and if you need further advice, drop me a hello. I would love to help you navigate your planning journey further. YOU still can have the movie wedding you want that reflects you as a couple even in a pandemic.

Have a good weekend!

Sommy x