Events I would love to create – Bucket List

Hello everyone! I thought a nice way to start my blogging journey is to show you a bucket list of the weddings & events I would love to create.

Today I am starting with my event bucket list. I have a range of events I would love to create from birthdays, anniversaries, launch parties and festivals. Have a look at my mood boards below, of my thoughts and ideas of themes, decor and styles. Sometimes I want to do too much at once, so creating this blog post collects all my ideas in one place! Anyway, enough chatting from me, lets take a look.

Extravagant, extra launch party:

Winter Wonderland, white Christmas dinner party:


Vibrant music festival:



French, chic birthday party:



Intimate, elegant proposal:



Hope you enjoyed having a look through my bucket list of events I would love to create. Maybe it sparked some inspiration for you!

Stay tuned as I will be creating a bucket list for weddings I would love to create. Make sure to follow my social media accounts to know when the next blog will go live!

If you think any of the ideas are something that you want for your event, send me a hello and we can work together to create a fun party for you!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Sommy x