Showcasing you as a couple – adding personal touches to your wedding

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post!

I thought I would write about how to add personal touches to your wedding that truly showcases you as a couple. We often see many weddings which are a carbon copy of each other, this is why I have based my business on ‘Making your Individuality into Reality’, so we can truly showcase who you are as a couple through your wedding.

I approach every wedding, knowing my couples journey of their life to best showcase their story to create their movie moment wedding. A wedding is one of the most personal celebrations you can host, so of course you would want every aspect of the wedding to be personal to you and tell your story of your lives so that all your guests can celebrate you coming together.

Wedding planning can often become very complicated from opinions from family of friends who want the best for you, but ultimately it is about what you and your partner want. I suggest writing your first ideas of what you both want for your wedding, whether that is a bed of rose petals as the aisle runner because that was the decorations on your proposal date or a sushi buffet because that’s your favourite food! These initial ideas will remind you of what you both like and remind you of your end vision.

Discuss your main priorities for the day and what is important for you both. For example, my partner and I, wanted our family to be included in the ceremony. Therefore, we decided to add the lighting the unity candle aspect to our ceremony as a way for our families to be involved. In addition, we decided to have a Nigerian wedding as well, included in the day, as including my heritage is important to me. The options for you are endless!

Wedding planning should be fun and bring you and your partner together to reminisce, create new memories and share those memories on your day.

This is how Ryan and I think about our soon to be wedding. We really wanted to tell our story through every aspect in creative ways so that our guests can see our journey. We decided to have a lighting of the candles included in our ceremony as we wanted our families to be involved. In addition, we are having countries we have travelled to as table numbers, a Nigerian wedding included in the day and pies to be served for the evening food (Ryan is from good old Wigan, home of the pies)! For us, having all these personal touches included in our day will make this our movie wedding.

If you’re stuck on ideas on how your wedding can reflect you as a couple and you want to discuss any of those ideas send me a hello. Lets start making your individuality into reality for your special day.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sommy x