5 Steps to help you decide, how many people you should invite to your wedding

Hello everyone! Here’s the first blog post of the new year which is long overdue! How have you all been? Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Oh well Happy New Year!

Congrats if you’re recently engaged or now that Christmas is out the way you’ve recently started your wedding planning journey!

Aside from choosing your suppliers and vendors, one of the most important and dare I say it time consuming tasks is figuring out who to invite and how many people to invite to your wedding.

Here are 5 Steps to help you decide:

1. Decide if you want a intimate, medium or large wedding.

Make your initial guest list and remember that 80% of the guest list actually does come to the wedding. Then decide where you’ll cut the number of family invitations, especially if you have a large family. Try and give yourselves an equal number to invite each, doing this means you’ll make more thoughtful decisions on who you would like to invite and also make it fair.

2. Decide on a feasible budget

Once you’ve received quotes from the right team to help you create your wedding and received quotes this is when you can see the amount of guests to invite. From your initial guest list calculate the head count and see if that works within your budget. Also, think about the vibe of wedding you would like. You can have a small intimate wedding but this can still be costly if you wanted to spend more on certain elements and vice versa. By deciding how you want your day to go, this can also help you with the amount of guests to invite.

3. Children or no children?

I believe this is one of the big questions most of my couples ask themselves. This can be an easy question if you do have a small family but again think about the type of vibe you want for your wedding and if children fit in to this. You can also be picky and only invite immediate family members children or close friends children that you see occasionally.

4. Partners or no partners?

The modern rule now is thinking about if you have you met the partners of your friends and families. Personally, I do believe it makes it easier deciding like this. The other modern rule is only inviting partners that have been together for a number of years or marries etc. This can seem harsh but again this is your wedding and you have o do what will make you happy! Just because someone has invited you to their wedding does not mean you have to invite them.

5. Decide what will make you happy

At the end of the day it is your wedding, so if you want to give some of your family and friends plus ones or if you want to have a wedding of up to 50 people then that is up to you to decide. You do not need to invite everyone on your parents guest list, this is your wedding not there’s and you can also give them a number of people they can invite. The biggest factor helping you decide is your budget and the wedding that you want. Budget can be manipulated in many different ways to have the best outcome, for example having family sharing, bbq wedding breakfast instead of a 3 course sit down meal. Decide what will make you both happy first and foremost!

I hope this helps anyone stuck on this element as it is a large factor of the wedding as you want to be surrounded by your loved ones!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Sommy x