Welcome to my journey as a Wedding & Events Planner!

Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever blog post! I am very excited to get started. I just want to say thank you for following my website and getting to know what I can offer you as a wedding & events planner.

I wanted to be a wedding & events planner when I was younger from watching ‘The Wedding Planner’, who doesn’t love Jlo, right?! I did not end up going straight into the events industry as I decided to focus on acting. However, I have been planning events all my life mainly for the theatre industry and my theatre company, from organising press nights to planning sold out shows.

Now, from gaining more experience, assisting fabulous wedding planners, I am able to start my business! So, the 16th November 2020, M.Fiore Events is officially born!

What does M.Fiore mean? When looking for a name, I decided to go back to my first inspiration ‘The Wedding Planner’ movie. ‘Fiore’ is the last name of Jlo’s character and is pronounced fi-or-rae, which also means flower in Italian. The ‘M’ represents two things; firstly the ‘M’ represents manifestation as I strongly believe in manifesting my life and saying things out into the universe. Lastly, ‘M’ is the the first letter of Jlo’s characters name, Mary. Which all together is M.Fiore Events.

Once I decided to take on wedding & events planning as a career, without holding back, I delved fully into this journey so that I can create moments that are just like in the movies. In every layer of your event, whether that is your wedding or party there should be a WOW factor that represents you, this is what makes it special for you. Cheesy, I know but very true. I am a sucker for these things, especially cheesy films! Why shouldn’t you have your movie moment like in romantic films or rom coms? You just have to recognise the special things that make you; you as a individual, a couple or a business. This is why I focus on ‘Making your Individuality become Reality’.

Here on my blog, you will find inspiration, how to’s, guides, some personal stories, fun chats and a bit of gossip! I’m that dramatic friend, who loves to help, by sharing my thoughts and guide you throughout your journey.

Thank you for reading my first post! Send me a hello if you want to talk about any ideas that you may have to plan your amazing wedding or party.

Sommy x