5 Top Tips for Shopping For Your Bridal Wear from the Experts by Guides for Brides


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For the today’s posting I have a lovely guest writer, Nikita from Guides for Brides. Guides for Brides are a great platform who help couples on their planning journey from checklists, supplier finds, tools to inpo for your wedding! In collaboration with Guides for Brides, I wrote an article about how to have two weddings in one day for multicultural and interfaith couples, and for my website they provide you with advice on how to find your bridal wear. Check out the tips below!

It’s one of the most anticipated moments of planning a wedding. Shopping for your bridal wear can be incredibly daunting, but also super fun! Whether you are after ball-gown or a slinky fishtail, or maybe you’re after an alternative such as a jumpsuit, no bride is the same, so there can never be a one-size-fits-all approach to finding your dream wedding outfit. In this article, we will run through 5 expert tips for shopping for your wedding attire.

Tip 1: Do your research on bridal wear stockists

When shopping for your wedding attire, you’ll likely need to book an appointment with a boutique, designer or stockist. Sometimes (and especially during COVID), these appointments are chargeable, so when booking your appointment, you’ll want to know there is a high chance it will be successful.

The best way to know this is by doing your research. Search through tools like Pinterest, Instagram, and Google finding the styles you like and make a note of any designers. Then, research the bridal boutiques near you. Many will let you know which designers they stock, the price range of their outfits and have links to their social media. Once you’ve found a boutique or designer you love, get that appointment booked as soon as possible!

Tip 2: Take a moment to understand your body and usual dress style

So, you’ve booked your appointment and you are now preparing to shop for your wedding dress or bridal outfit. Before your appointment, it’s really good to take a moment to yourself to understand your usual dress styles, the areas of your body you love and the areas you would prefer your wedding outfit didn’t draw attention to. So, we recommend taking a moment in front of a mirror in private to do this.

Why? You’ll need to be open with your stylist so they can understand what you are looking for in your wedding outfit. This will help them find the perfect look for you when you’re at the appointment. They’ll need to know which areas of your body you want to emphasize in your look, which areas you would prefer they tone down and your usual clothing choices to help you find something that you are completely comfortable and confident in.

Tip 3: Wear skin-coloured underwear

There’s nothing worse than attending your bridal appointment, finding a beautiful outfit and seeing bright pink knickers shining through the fabric. It puts you off the look instantly. So, to avoid this issue, we recommend wearing underwear that is the same or a similar colour to your skin tone. This way, you get more of an indication as to what your bridal look will look like on the day.

Also, you may want to wear a strapless bra. Even if you’re not planning on wearing a strapless gown, you never know what you’ll be trying on when you get in there. Quite often brides go into their appointment with a vision but end up trying on something completely different. Undergarments can also change the whole look of an outfit so if you plan on wearing shapewear then bring this along too.

Tip 4: Choose your entourage carefully

Who you bring with you can make or break your bridal wear shopping experience. First, note that some boutiques won’t have the space for all your loved ones! Ideally, your entourage should be a small group of people you can trust to be honest with you. But, they should also understand that this is your dream bridal look and your wedding day, not theirs! The bridal wear shopping experience should be all about you, so you need people who will be supportive and patient.

Getting this balance right can be tricky, but it might be worth ensuring your entourage has a mix of ages. For example, a parent or parental figure will tell you the truth and be your biggest supporter while a friend or family member closer to you in age may be able to advise more on styles and fashion choices. Remember, your consultant will be able to recommend outfits to suit your body and style and your friends and family can offer their opinions, but ultimately the choice is down to you!

Tip 5: Don’t let your heart rule your head!

Finding your dream bridal wear should be an enjoyable experience. Of course, you want to find that one outfit that suits you perfectly and will make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day. But, don’t let your bridal wear dreams take over! You have to be aware of a few practicalities that will save you from heartache further down the line.

First, make sure you stick to your budget. Tell your consultant what your limit is so you don’t try on anything drastically over your budget in case you fall in love with it! Second, make sure you are going to be comfortable on your special day. You may love the idea of a huge princess ball gown with sleeves but you’ll probably regret it if you are planning on a tropical beach wedding! Your bridal wear must work practically with your venue as well as aesthetically! Finally, let your consultant know how soon your wedding date is as this may rule out some outfits that are made to order or have long shipping dates.

If you keep these top tips in mind, you should have no trouble finding your dream bridal wear!

Thank you to Nikita and Guides for Brides team for providing amazing tips! Remember to go check out their website and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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