What’s the difference between a wedding/event planner and a venue coordinator?

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I hope you’re all well! Is it me or who else can’t believe we’re already half way through May?

We’re deep into wedding season and it’s been a busy one! As a planner, you work with so many venues and venue coordinators and for today’s topic, I thought it’ll be great to discuss the difference between a wedding/event planner and venue coordinator.

Many couples/clients believe that a planner and venue coordinator is the same role, but this is the mistake many make. The first thing that comes to mind is that your venue coordinator can change, as they work for the venue, they might decide to leave the role for whatever reason. Whereas, when you hire your own planner, they are their for you from start to finish which means your wedding or event will be consistent and will ensure smooth running during your planning journey and on the day of your event.

A venue coordinator is there for the venue as well as the couple. Therefore, they will be planning the logistics from the venues side with you- it’ll be up to you to manage all the external vendors/suppliers for your wedding and overall the actual wedding itself if you do not have a planner.

The planners job is to make sure logistically that your whole event is planned perfectly to the T as well as manage your suppliers and the day; helping your guests, sorting any last minute surprises, smooth running behind the scenes, setting up the event and possibly doing the breakdown after or the next morning.

If your venue is dry hire, meaning that all the equipment, catering etc is external and the venue only provides the venue- this will mean a lot of management for your day. The point of contact will be yourself. The venue coordinator might help to manage certain elements on the day but with a planner they can be the point of contact for all the external suppliers and overall manage the day while you, your family and friends enjoy the special celebration.

Another element that differs between a venue coordinator and planner is that if you have a planner you have them on a personal level, we know the ins and outs of your celebration, help you create your vision. In addition, we are there for you when you’re feeling anxious and stressed as we help to relieve that pressure. We want you to have the best day possible so do everything in our power to make this happen.

I hope that helps anyone wondering if they need a planner or wondering the difference between both roles!

Hope you have a beaut weekend and I’ll be back soon with another blog post!

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