How to find your wedding venue

Hi everyone!

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve last done a blog post… you can certainly say this year became very busy! Now that the year is quieting down, I thought let’s have a new series over here at M.Fiore Events and that series is called ‘How to’. This series will give you advise on how to book your suppliers/venues/moodboard and is really a step by step guide to planning your wedding along with YouTube videos for the extra bits of help.

For the first post of the series we have How to find your perfect wedding venue. Here are some points below to help start your planning journey.

  1. Think about the route to your ceremony space. How are you and your partner going to arrive? By car? Walking? How are your guests going arrive? Is it a long distance from the entrance doors? Do guests need directions as they might have to walk through multiple or rooms? It’s Important to see all of the surroundings and envision how it will be on the day

  2. location. Is it reasonable for guests to get to? Do you have to organise hotel rooms for yourselves and your guests. Will you need to organise transport. Does the venue come with rooms that you and your wedding party or guests can use? These questions are also something to think about when deciding on your budget.

  3. Make sure budget is only 20% max of your budget- do not go over this as you need to factor in other parts of the wedding and make sure can afford the other elements

  4. Do you think there will be a seamless transition between the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening? Is it going to to be all in one place or multiple of venues? Make sure to think about how you would like to feel during the day. Some guests like their wedding all in one place whilst others like to mix up the scenery and atmosphere but having different rooms/venues.

  5. Decide on the feel and vibe you want for your wedding. Maybe you would like a Summer venue, open airy, outdoor space. Perhaps you would like your wedding to have party vibes! A venue with different rooms or large spaces will be ideal for this. Maybe you’re going for the ultra glamours wedding with high ceilings and gorgeous interior designs.

Have a think about the above so that when you go to your venue visit you are prepared and know that you can tick off all the boxes when you find your perfect venue.

Thanks so much for reading!

Sommy x