Fundamentals of a wedding timeline

Hey everyone! 

As we’re coming to the end of the year, what’s better than coming back with a blog post! 

It’s been a while yet again but this year has been a fab and busy year for M.Fiore Events. 

Today I thought we would talk about the fundamentals of a wedding timeline. This would help you weather you’re planning your own wedding, have an on the day coordinator or have a wedding planner to help you plan the entire wedding, this would help you picture how your wedding day can look like. 


Decide the most important elements that you would like to include/cater more time to. For example, you might have a second dress change, or you might want loads of time for dancing rather than the wedding breakfast or you really enjoy the day time entertainment you booked so might want to allocate more time to that. 


Make sure to highlight the elements that you HAVE to include such as the ceremony, enough getting ready for yourself and your partner which can be based on how big the bridal party is and if you’re getting ready all together of enough time for photos to make sure you capture everyone that attended the day. 

Example timeline

This timeline is based on the below but can be amended to suit your needs! 

-4 members in each side of the bridal party getting ready together

-45 minute ceremony to include some traditions and having a later ceremony in the day to have gorgeous sunset photos in late September/October time

-Family sharing 2 course wedding breakfast 

-Loads of time for dancing to enjoy the band and silent diso

A very condensed timeline but here is how some elements can go for your day:


I hope this helps and gives an idea of how the day can go! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fab weekend!

Sommy x